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My interest in Element 22 was peaked when I learned they offer Barre classes. With a free first week, I figured why not? At the end of those first 7 days, I was hooked. I was sleeping better and had more energy during the day. I was seeing changes in my upper and lower body strength and my Barre form and flexibility were improving. As a former exercise commitment-phobe, I’m proud to say I have been working out here almost daily for 3 months and I’m the healthiest and strongest I’ve been in a long time! The variety of classes, amazing instructors and inspiring individuals who work out here are second to none. Element 22 has challenged me to commit to my personal fitness and wellbeing and to lead by example as I encourage others to do the same. “You’re stronger than you think” is often stated in class. Come find out for yourself.

Alisha T.

I drove over an hour to come to Element 22. It exceeded my expectations. I am totally in love with this studio and the staff was very friendly!

Ashley H.

LOVE the Barre22 Lite classes and the wonderful instructors. All the instructors at Element22 know what they are doing, push you to do more, and make the journey fun. Oh, and you get to make a few friends along the way!

Pam E.

Every single visit I was complimented, supported in a way that seemed natural to the people around me, women spanning many generations and social groups.  I began to see exercise as a meaningful, enriching experience that gave me the power to like who I was and see that other people liked me too.  My confidence and capability increased in every aspect of my life, from my body image, my career, and my role as advocate and tiger mom for my 2 Autistic sons.  I feel grateful to have found Element22.  It has helped me become a stronger person and is encouraging me to embrace fitness for life.

Lylenette C.

I can honestly say that if it wasn't for the amazing barre classes at Element22 I wouldn't be on the road to a happier and healthier me!  I have the "workout bug" and I hope it never goes away. Thank you Element22!!

Heidi M.

I always leave feeling tired and sore, but I always come back because it's a fabulous program with AMAZING people. I always look at the schedule to see what classes I can make when I head back into town!

Megan D.

After retiring, I needed to get back into shape so I had energy to play!  I dreaded the idea of finding a place to workout.  My daughter had been going to Element22 and was really enjoying it with great results.  I was afraid it was only for young women but gave it a shot.  Now I feel bad on the days I can't go!  The instructors are top notch and I have found a great support system in the other clients.  This is my happy place!  Having lost pounds and inches is great but I enjoy how I feel both physically and mentally!

Susan M.

The fantastic instructors make Element 22 a positive and challenging place to exercise. I leave every class feeling happier and healthier.

Sarah H.

Element 22 is awesome! The owners, teachers and clients are so nice and friendly. I love all the classes I have tried but Barre22 is my favorite by far! It is so hard but so rewarding.

Sharon R.

I do mostly Pilates and yoga here.  It is backed by knowledgable owners and instructors.  I started after foot surgery.  I also had hip pain and weighed close to 150 lbs.  I am 5'6" and I felt horrible.  It was hard but I made myself keep going.  The energy and the help from the girls made me feel welcome even as I struggled.  Just this morning I weighed in at 122 lbs, my high school weight.  No hip pain.  High energy.  My body is sculpted and I've never felt better.  Don't quit or get discouraged.  It works!  Now I will never stop again.  I am 53 and grateful I found Element22.

Leah L.

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Overheard at E22...

9/10 - With the Governor's updated 25% capacity mandate and the requirement for masks while exercising, we've made the difficult decision to permanently close Element22.  
Questions can be emailed to us at
Jen - Jen is spending time blogging about women's wellness, fashion, and fitness.  She is adding free fitness content specifically at-home barre, yoga, and strength training to her blog and social media posts each week.  She would love to see you there!  
You can find her at...
or on Instagram at @occasionallyjenna
Amy - Amy is teaching fitness and health at Delta College.  She is enjoying time working with the students!  She is also dedicating time for small group or individual barre/Pilates classes or lessons.  For questions or to schedule a session, she can be reached at...  
6/1 - We have made the difficult decision to indefinitely close our physical studio.  
We will be taking a hiatus for a few weeks or until the end of the summer to sharpen our pencils and get ready to bring you a new, improved virtual class experience.
If you would like access to our 70+ recorded class library, it is available for $24.99/month.  Use the menu above to be directed to our shopping cart.  
Thank you for an unforgettable 8 years.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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