What is Barre22® ?


Barre22® is a full body, 60 minute class incorporating the toned and

lengthened muscles of ballet, the precision and core strengthening of

Pilates and the mindfulness and flexibility of yoga to sculpt and lengthen

all the major muscles groups of the body. 


This high-energy, low impact workout uses weights, balls, bands, Pilates

rings and your own body resistance to create long, lean muscles without

the bulk.  Choreographed to great, heart pumping music, Barre22® uses

small, controlled movements followed by deep stretching to burn calories,

build lean muscle and improve balance, coordination and flexibility. 

Prepare to sweat, shake and torch the fat as you lengthen and tone your body, and revive and refocus your mind.


Barre22® instructors are all trained and certified ensuring that the Barre22® technique is executed in a safe but fun, challenging and exciting way.  It’s the most addicting workout on the planet!


Why are Barre22® classes so effective?


The secret to Barre22®’s success is the custom designed

choreography. Each segment focuses on an area of the body 

that women want tp target... the hips, abs, seat, thighs and arms. 

And each segment builds upon the last resulting in total body

conditioning.   Every Barre22® class is unique, therefore the

body is constantly challenged but in a safe and effective way.


Who should take a Barre22® class?


Anyone!  Whether you are just starting down your fitness

path or are looking to enhance your current fitness

regime, Barre22® is for you.  From tri-atheletes to Pilates

and yoga enthusiasts to dancers and strength trainers,

the benefits associated with a Barre22® are undeniable.


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