Is your first week really free?  Yes!  Try one class a day for seven days, on the house.  Use our online scheduling system by clicking here to register for the free week and enjoy all the amenities and classes that Element22® has to offer.  (When you arrive at our online scheduling site, choose 'online store'.  Then click 'Free/Introductory Packages'.  Follow the prompts to check-out.)  We're pretty sure after spending a week with us, you will be back!  Please note.. the free week is for you and not designed to be shared with others who have already had their free week.  


What should I wear?  Comfort is important. Gym gear (i.e. tee shirt/athletic top/tank top, yoga pants or capris for Barre22®, yoga, & Pilates / athletic pants or shorts for Step22 or WERQ) is appropriate, but plan to sweat.  We don't recommend wearing short or loose fitting shorts except for WERQ or Step22.  No shoes required for Barre22®, Pilates or yoga... socks or barefoot only.  But don't forget your gym shoes for WERQ or Step22!   


Where can I change?  We have changing rooms and two bathrooms for you to change in, but we do not have shower facilities. Our restrooms are equipped with deodorant, hair spray, and other items you may want to utilize before or after class.


How many times do I need to come per week to see results?  We recommend attending at least 3-4 times per week for the best results. We believe a mixture of strength training and cardio will provide the most well rounded and effective exercise routine. Remember to also make healthy choices in your diet as this is a very important component to obtaining your desired results. 


What if I've never been to a group fitness class?  No worries... no experience required!  Just bring a smile on your face and remember that everyone had to take their first class once.


What do I bring to class? We provide all equipment necessary for all classes including mats, weights and yoga props.  If you prefer to bring your own mat, please do.  If you are taking a Peloton ride, don't forget your earbuds! All we ask is that you bring water. If you forget water it is available for purchase for $1 at the desk.

Can I bring my cell phone into class?  Cell phones are not permitted in class.  If you have a special circumstance, please alert your instructor.  We will do our best to accommodate.

Do I have to enroll in advance? Many classes do fill up in advance, so it is highly recommended that you reserve a spot.  Drop-ins are welcome, but not guaranteed.


I am a student.  How do I access the promo-code for a student discounted rate? If you are a high school or undergraduate college student, you qualify for a student discount rate.  Please contact the studio via email or phone to obtain the promo-code.  Please indicate the high school or college you are currently attending.  Or visit us in the studio with your current student ID.


I want to ride the Peloton.  What do I do?  Before your first ride, you will need to contact the studio to get a 10 minute tutorial on how to use the bikes.  Please email us at  After your tutorial, you will be able to schedule rides.  

How do I get a keyless entry code to ride the Peloton after studio hours? Keyless entry codes are available for monthly members or clients who have purchased a class package.  If you are using your free week, please choose a ride time when the studio is staffed.  After your free week, please send us an email at to schedule a time to be issued a keyless entry code.  Please note... If you are not an active member and your code is unused for over a month, it will reset and will need to be reissued.


What do I need to bring to ride the Peloton? Wired earbuds or headphones are required to use the Peloton bikes.  In addition, harder soled athletic shoes may offer you more comfort.  Don't forget a towel and water!


Can I put my Unlimited Membership 'on-hold' while I am on vacation or out for health reasons?  If you are injured or have a heath related issue that takes you away from the studio for over 10 days, we would be happy to put your membership on hold while you recover.  Memberships can be held for up to one month.  If a business trip or vacation takes you away for over 10 days, we will also suspend your membership once time each calendar year for up to one month.


What is the cancellation policy?  Please cancel all classes at least one hour in advance.  Early morning (starting before 8am) must be canceled by 9:30 pm the evening before. If a class is waitlisted and your reservation is late cancelled or you do not show for class, your account will be charged an $10 fee.  If a class falls below our 5 person minimum due to uncanceled reservations, you will be charged an $10 fee. 


We do understand that unforseen circumstances happen.  Please contact the studio and we will gladly work with you.  The policy is in place to accomodate clients who are on the wait-list and may not otherwise be able to attend class.


When do my packages expire?  You have 6 months to use your class packages before they expire.  Again, we do understand that unforseen circumstances happen.  Please contact the studio if you need to add an extension to your existing package and we will do our best to accomodate.  


How many participants are required to run class?  The general rule of thumb at Element22® is 5.  If class is cancelled due to low enrollment, you will receive an email and text at least one hour in advance. 


What happens if I am running late?  Please call and let the studio know you are running late to ensure your spot remains reserved.  We will put out a mat for you.  Please note, doors will be locked 10 minutes after class begins during early morning classes and evenings classes.  No late entries 10 minutes into class, please.


Does the free week include workshops and special classes?  No, the free week is only for classes in the regular schedule. 


Can I transfer unused classes or a membership to another client?  Yes, if unforseen circumstances occur and you can no longer use classes or a membership, you may transfer those classes to another client.  No refunds offered for class packages or memberships.

What happens if I want to terminate my monthly autopay contract?  There is no fee for breaking a 12 month autopay contract.  But you are responsible for paying back the 12 month member discount ($20) for each month that it you received it.  For example, if you terminate your contract and have 3 months left, you will be responsible for paying back the discount for the 9 months you received it.  9 months x $20 = $180. We understand that unforseen circumstances happen.  Please contact us and we will do our best to work with you. 


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